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Essex County, New Jersey, Guardianships and Conservatorships Lawyer

Guardianship and conservatorship, concepts used to protect the very young and the very old, are sometimes confusing. Both are matters of interest to millions of Americans who are searching for a way to be responsible and loving, but they require the help of the law.

Extending Care to Loved Ones With Special Needs

Guardianship involves much greater control of the protected individual’s situation. Protected individuals must be unable to care of themselves, and this must be certified by physicians. Some guardians make medical and personal decisions for the individual. Other guardians only make financial decisions. Very often, one person keeps guard over both aspects of the protected person’s life.

Conservatorship is the simpler of the two. All it does is manage finances directed at the individual, who may not be mentally incapacitated but needs more powerful protection than a simple power of attorney provides. Conservatorship does not get into the area of decision-making regarding medical or personal issues.

Knowledgeable Attorney Serving Clients in Essex, Union and Morris Counties

A common error is using the family attorney to arrange guardianships and conservatorships. The process can be complex, difficult and emotionally taxing. It is better to hire a lawyer who is skilled in this particular area, like Joanne M. Sarubbi, Esq. My firm will work with you to obtain the doctors’ certifications and to present your case to a judge.

I can help you establish a special needs trust to protect and provide for the child or other loved one who requires medical care so that they continue to receive benefits.

Need more information? E-mail Essex County, New Jersey, guardianships and conservatorships attorney Joanne M. Sarubbi and describe your problem, or call her office at 973-671-1430.