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Essex County, New Jersey, Estate Administration Lawyer

If you live in New Jersey and you have a Will that must pass through probate, here is some good news: New Jersey has the most enlightened probate process of any state in the United States.


Will Contests Can Derail the Probate Process

Probate is not a court-based process here, so the process is speedy and simple, not glacially slow. Once the will is submitted for probate, you don’t set foot in a courthouse unless someone is contesting the will or final accounting of the executor or administrator of the estate.

Probate Lawyer Serving Clients in Essex, Union and Morris Counties

The law firm of Joanne M. Sarubbi, Esq., is dedicated to providing these key legal services to New Jerseyans of all ages, wherever they may live:

Estate Administration

  • Probating wills for executors
  • Handling the appointment of administrators of an estate when there is no will
  • Handling all phases of the administration of the estate, including valuing assets, selling and/or transferring assets
  • Representing beneficiaries in their claims against an estate or trust
  • Preparation of accountings for executors and/or administrators
  • Preparation of estate and inheritance tax returns

Trust Administration

  • Representing trustees of testamentary (activated after you die) and inter vivos (activated while you are still living) trusts
  • Preparation of the accounting of assets for trust
  • Representing beneficiaries of trust to ensure that their rights are being protected

Need help in the probate process? Call Essex County, New Jersey, estate administration attorney Joanne M. Sarubbi at 973-671-1430 or e-mail her using this easy-to-use form.