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Law Offices of Joanne M. Sarubbi, Esq.

My practice focuses on legal issues that individuals need to address in planning their future, especially those faced by seniors as they age and the legal issues business clients face in the daily operation of their businesses.

Essex County, New Jersey, Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney

Everyone has the same basic life concerns. How do I protect and provide for my family in the event I become disabled? What happens to my dependents and my assets when I die? I assist my clients in devising a plan to address their concerns and provide the protection that they want for their families.

However, my senior clients have a different set of needs. They need information that will enable them to respond wisely to the challenges they face. I help them deal with health questions, estate issues and using the system to live the best lives possible.

The attributes necessary for success in this work are patience, knowledge and resourcefulness.

Business, Real Estate and Commercial Finance Law

The Law Offices of Joanne M. Sarubbi, Esq., represents individuals, businesses and commercial institutions in numerous areas. Business clients need an attorney who is careful and professional, who ensures that things are done right, that the documents for major transactions are in order and that their deals are completed to the satisfaction of all parties.

The requirements for success in business and real estate law work are reliability, experience and accuracy.

Applying All My Skills to Solving Your Problems

I derive great satisfaction from helping both groups of clients. I am proud of the successes of my business clients, and just as proud of the pathways I have helped create for my older clients and their families.

Whether your problems are about business and commerce or about the challenges of growing older, contact lawyer Joanne M. Sarubbi by phone at 973-671-1430 or by e-mail.